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Dec 31

15 Things I Could Do Without in 2009

I was looking back at all of my posts from the past year and realize that well uh, I kind of complain a lot. Like a lot.  I told my friend that Starbucks is like my abusive boyfriend - no matter how bad it is, I just can’t leave it, and despite my friends trying to urge me to leave, I just can’t and they will never understand my love for him this part time job at starbucks. Anyway, if you ask me, my complaints are totally legit, here are the top 15 things that have made me want to quit in 2008.  Happy new year! Wish you all well!

15. The total jankness in my store:messed up espresso machinesbroken ac, and the lack of scissors which causes us to resort to a giant knife.

14. Customers who think this is their office. I’m not your secretary.  Get off your bluetooth. 

13. VIVANNOS.  … and while we’re at it frappuccinos can make this list as well.

12. CISUI - Coming Into Starbucks Under the Influence.  I could really do without people doing drugs in the bathroomcoming into the store drunk (ex. 2), etc.

11.  Me being late, being awkward, and not knowing how to say no (ex. 2)

10. Our delivery company.  They are still the worst.  A while ago they were short a lot of paper products, so stores in my district - including mine- were short grande cups, sleeves, and bags for a few days.

9. Customers who don’t want to wait.  Despite what some might say, we are not fast food so don’t expect fast food speed.  So if you don’t have time to wait in line to pay orwait for your correct drink, don’t come into starbucks.

8. Customers who expect to get things for free. Sorry - that poorly scanned coupon for free iced coffee that you and all of your friends/co-workers printed out & brought in is not valid. And just because we’re out of something doesn’t entitle you to a free drink so quit nagging us about it - you look pathetic. & this isn’t Krogers - there are no free cookies.  

7. Managers who can’t order properly, which results in us running out of things.  Running out of things makes us look bad and makes the majority of customers FURIOUS.

6. Homeless people.  I’m not talking about your friendly neighborhood maybe brown baggin’ it hobo joe.  I’m referring to the crazy homeless people and those that steal.  I’m also not a huge fan of those extra snotty customers who feel like we can do something about the homeless - whether they are complaining bothersome homeless or not. 

5. Employees who steal. I don’t know which act of stealing by a co-worker perturbs me the most: stealing from my wallet or stealing from the store.  

4. no-foam lattes and extra-carmel anything. Based on experience, I honestly believe that only douche bags order these drinks.

3. Annoying Co-workers.  This includes those who can’t seem to comprehend how long their 10 minute or 30 minute break should bethe ones that have no common sense when it comes to customers (ex. 2), co-workers with undeserved attitudes towards fellow partners, co-workers with undeserved attitudes towards customers,    coworkers who don’t show up, and those who just generally suck and are no longer with us because of said suckage.  Oh, and those who have no idea what they are doing and leave us with no idea why they are working here

2. Rude Customers.    One of my biggest issues with customers is when they think that they know how to do my job better than I do… but they never really do.  So sorry 125° chai, souther snob, no-foam cap, and former partner - you’re WRONG. Some really let it known that they hate everything about us, but they still seem to come in every day. Kids are rude, moms with their daughters are rude.  Also, you DO NOT "always get this."  some are …well some are just stupid.

1. Store Closings. Ze worst.

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