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Jul 21

Okay, customers. We need to talk.

I know that some people have a problem with ordering at starbucks.  And today I learned that waiting to be rung up is way more difficult than I thought it would be, but why are we having so many issues with getting your drink?  Here I was thinking it was somewhat easy: 1.) you try to listen, 2.) we try to say clearly what you ordered, 3.) you get beverage.  If there’s any questions you move to step 4, where you have two options: a.) look at marked drink and/or b.) simply ask us what it is and we’ll tell you.  If after this you don’t have your drink, we make it.  Did no one else get the memo that that’s how it works around here?  

My past few shifts, I get the impression that a lot of the customers have been going for the the first beverage they see on the hand-off station technique.  I’m not talking about you ordering an iced tall unsweetened iced coffee, and you accidently take someone else’s iced tall unsweetened iced coffee - this happens.  I mean, people have been picking up whatever drink is on the bar, regardless of what it is. This is NOT okay. Sometimes there will be one or two people around the hand off-counter who’ve been waiting, and a customer who’s just finished paying will swoop in, pick up the drink, and walk out of the door.  Maybe its because our hand-off counter is so damn close to an exit.  Or maybe its because people just don’t care.

If I’m going to pay $4 for my drink, I’m going to want my drink (& I try to think about this when I’m on bar so that the “oh well, I’ll use 2% - its steamed” thought doesn’t come in my head)  People complain about our prices, but then don’t seem to care about what they get.

Mega annoying.  The innocent victims of this terrible terrible thing - getting their starbucks drinks just taken away - are always extremely nice and polite when telling me what happened.  I can’t help but feel really bad.  These are the kinds of customers who I want to come back, but by the time I’ve made their original drink, they let me know someone took it, and I’ve remade it, they’ve had to wait maybe 2 or 3 times longer than normal.  That’s not fair!  Nice guys shouldn’t finished last!  or get their drinks last!  whatever.  Courteous people shouldn’t be screwed over.

Sometimes, when we’re really busy, we get names for the drinks so this DOESN’T happen.  The other morning it did happen regardless of the name taking.  I mean, honestly, Dave, what the hell?!?  That java chip frappuccino was NOT yours!  You ordered a grande carmel frappuccino!  & the one that you picked up was a venti!  & said MELISSA on it!  ARE YOU MELISSA, DAVE?  IS THAT YOUR NICK NAME - MELISSA!?! I hope you know that we talked about you for a good 5 minutes.  YES, DAVE.  YOU.

However, I must say that I’ve had a few ironic outcomes from these mix up artists.

Case 1:  The first drink I start making is a decaf iced venti whole milk carmel macchiato and then I get an order for an iced venti SF carmel soy latte.  I make the carmel macchiato, call it out, and put it up the hand-off counter.  I go ahead and finish the sf carmel soy latte, call it out, put it up.  I few seconds later I hear someone trying to get my attention “um, miss… I think someone took my drink…”  Yes, my friend, someone did take your drink.  And that someone is currently consuming 360 calories with your drink instead of 110 with her drink.  And it was decaf.  It was such amazingly awesome karma.  (I’m not even going to get into how an iced carmel macchiato looks significantly different than an iced latte.  I’ll let it go as I can assume her big ass sunglasses were hindering her vision)

Case 2:  I put two drinks on the hand-off counter at the same time, but make sure to put them on different sides.  “Here’s the iced tall peppermint non-fat latte, and here’s the iced tall soy chai!”  A guy grabs a drink and is out the door.  “Uhm… I think… I… I didn’t have the chai.”  I tell her I’m so sorry, remake the drink - bumping her up one size.  This mistaken man storms back, shoves his drink at me saying “this tastes NOTHING like a soy chai!” Busted.  While pointing to the different markings on the cup I say “Well, sir, it shouldn’t. Its an iced tall peppermint… non-fat… latte.”  (Let me just say that if he thought his drink tasted different and looked on the cup - marked P, N, and L… none of which even appear in the words soy or chai - he might have thought that maybe the drink wasn’t his, and more importantly, maybe this would have preventing him from yelling at me)  I point to the woman now putting her straw in her new iced grande peppermint non-fat latte, “you took her drink. “  Pointing to the iced tall cup marked “S” in the milk box and “CH” in the drink box, “this is your drink.  HAVE A GREAT DAY” 

sorry for the rant.  Its been a while.

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