Making your latte, working with the motto "just say yes," dealing with the hobos, the clueless, the regulars, and amazing(ly dumb) customers. I'm your starbucks barista.

Apr 23

I’m a Starbucks barista in a big city. Most of the time I can’t figure out who’s crazier: my customers or everyone I work with.  Most of the times its the customers.  The ones who complain that there’s foam in their cappuccino or that their carmel frappuccino tastes like coffee. The ones who throw money at the register and order a triple grande 1 & 1/4 pump sugar free vanilla soy NO FOAM extra hot latte.  The ones that come in a few times a day get just a grande coffee.  The ones that bath themselves in our bathroom.  It’s good time.  And with some of my fellow baristas, it can get interesting.  

 Anyway, been a partner (employee) at Starbucks for almost a year.  As well as getting a killer discount, free pound of coffee a week, and all of the perks that come with the green apron, I get a partner number, which I’ll go by here - 147XXXX.

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