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Aug 23

You know when you’re a high school senior and the last time you do any event no matter how mundane it is becomes significant and you get a bit sentimental over it?  Like last day of summer before you’re in college or last home coming parade or last early morning band rehearsal that you hate because its so early or last time that the year book photographers come and everyone skips class all morning saying that they’re in every school club or last stupid pep rally that no one pays attention to or last bull shit study session for that class that no one cares about.

I feel like that with starbucks this week.  Thursday was the last morning I’d have to be at the store at 5 am and the last morning rush I’d do.  Friday had the last weekday afternoon rush I’d do.  Tonight is going to be the last time I make foam for a starbucks cups or those obnoxious vivannos (oh yeah, I’m crying over that) or frappuccinos.  And the last time I close down the bar… and do all of those things that I’ve been doing every night for the past two years.  Its weird to think about, especially weird to think about how many times I’ve done it.

But right now I gotta go to work.  My last day of work.

ps I’ll post something later tonight or tomorrow :)

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