Making your latte, working with the motto "just say yes," dealing with the hobos, the clueless, the regulars, and amazing(ly dumb) customers. I'm your starbucks barista.

Aug 15

This is an excerpt from my Czech audio lessons.

I unfortunately missed the next minute or so because I kept thinking how annoying this must be for starbucks in the czech republic.  I mean, when a customer asks for a “chai tea,” we always ask if they want a chai latte and chai tea.  A bunch of times they don’t even know what they want even if we describe the difference.  Can you imagine what happens when someone asks for a chai in Prague?  "a chai? do you want just like a tea - green, black, passion, white - or a chai latte… or a chai tea?"

This Czech lesson is brought to you by the letter Ř because its really difficult for me to say it in a word.

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